Training and selectiones at Fly Zone Fermo during Halloween Boogie :

 31/10 - 4/11  2012


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Atmonauti World Record at Dubai in December 2012 !   

Saturday 29 December 2012 - Saturday 5 January 2013



Invitational event open to Skydivers with Atmonauti skills. There will be two types of World Records : 

- Atmonauti No-Contact Formation 

- Atmonauti Contact (grip/dock) Formation

For the No-Contact Record we request flyers with “front” and/or “back” skills. The Contact Formation Record will be open to the most skilled pilots in flying dock/grip formations. For both Record attempts there will be places for other flyers around the formations with video/photo experience (side view , top view , and forward view) . Anyone interested can contact the organization .



The Event

21/09/2012 00:00
Everythink is ready for the big amazing event at Skydive Dubai ... Some place still available for the Atmonauti World Record ... contact the organization now ! Last training camp and selections...


11/05/2012 11:44
In this first part of the season, great events with AWR training around the world, with excellent progressions, great fun and new talents in the list of the partecipants . Soon all the...


17/02/2012 01:25
We are happy to announce a great event From 21 to 25 March 2012 : Skydive Dubai organizes a fantastic Atmonauti Event for advanced flyers , with enhanced atmo flights and with AWR (Atmonauti...

AWR web site

20/12/2011 15:47
From today the web pages are on-line for the Atmonauti World Record event in Dubai, December 2012.    

Invitational Event

20/12/2011 15:46
Almost three weeks ago we put out the call to see who was interested in our project. Today we are very happy to announce a massive showing of enthusiasm and positive feedback from some great...